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Arya Vysya Officials and Professionals Association, AVOPA in Chirala started in 1982 with objectives to help the poor and needy in Arya Vysya Community. AVOPA has been actively engaged in service activities all these years. A couple of major AVOPA efforts are worth mentioning for a fair introduction.

In 1982, AVOPA launched AVOPA Free Sewing Training Center. Till date, over 600 students were trained free by professional trainers engaged at the cost of the organization.

In 2004, AVOPA started a corpus fund out of kind donations from patrons using which sewing machines are being distributed to qualified poor Vysya women on interest-free loans. When they repay, typically in 20 affordable installments, the money will be reused to grant more machines to another set of beneficiaries. 25 machines have been distributed to the needy Vysya women till date and many of them triggered rejuvenated lives from the revenues through this source.

In 1990, AVOPA set up AVOPA Free Type Writing Institute. More than 1500 students were trained free by professional trainers in this government recognized institute. About 50 students reported obtaining jobs based on this training. The institute offers lower and higher type writing training in English as well as Telugu.

Being inspired by the successes of these initiatives and to go along with current computer world, the veteran body of AVOPA initiated efforts to establish a free computer training institute. The idea received a very encouraging response from the charitable Vysya community. A prime donor deposited the seed money making the idea viable and an about-to-be-launched Valiveti Mahatma Gandhi Leelavathi AVOPA Free Computer Training Center materialized. Few more patrons donated Personal Computers (PCs) and a few others offered cash contributions.

Free computer training center needs helping hands and generous contributions from sponsors like you. The center will need more PCs and supporting infrastructure like tables, chairs, printers, teaching materials, and a decent location. Paid faculty will be hired to teach contemporary technologies and courses. Courses could be part-time or full-time, to be devised to meet with the needs and expectations of the students as well as the industry.

Being compatriots, we know you for your generosity and kindness in supporting such initiatives. To achieve the necessary infrastructure as well as adequate financial resources to meet with the operational expenses of this free computer training institute, we request your compassionate backing and donation.

We look forward to an affirmative response at your earliest.